Shooters and the US Mentality

A recent CBC report after the recent Florida high school shootings said this about the FBI…

“Agents routinely face a challenge of sifting through which of the tens of thousands of tips received every year — and more than 10,000 assessments that are opened — could yield a viable threat.”

Sadly it seems that there is now a need to improve AI systems in order to get people like this shooter under scrutiny sooner.

Will the Americans ever get it that there is no need for average people to own assault weapons??? It seems not. Tabatha Southey recently said

“Since 2013, 138 people out of the 438 people shot in 239 school shootings in the U.S. have died. One can blink and miss a school shooting in the news these days, covered as they are now much like local weather…”

When I was younger I often travelled in the states on a motorcycle. I was treated very respectfully (I am white after all). Another biker told me one time that they were never afraid to travel alone because they had a handgun in their tank bag. I have often wondered if a fear that I was packing had just as much to do with the respect I was given.

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Enough already!

It is time for me to start offering some questions and opinions to the world. Expect posts that touch on practical politics, the arts, education, indigenous issues, economics and fairness.

Where do I come from? I have worked in education for most of my career. I spent time in the business world too and I have LOTS of respect for people who take measured risks in order to succeed. I am left of centre on social issues with a recognition that we need a viable economy in order to fund social causes. Expect me to question ideology on both the left and right!

I welcome respectful comments and will respond in kind!

Thanks for considering what I have to say!

Don Dietrich

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Tony Bates on the Status of Open Textbook Adoption

5 lessons learned by Tony Bates at a recent Open Textbook Summit:

  1. Open Textbooks are gaining momentum
  2. There is a clear need for open textbooks
  3. The supply and demand from students is coming, but where is the adoption by faculty? – faculty, at least in universities, seem to be a barrier to adoption
    Stephen Downes had a few comments about this (here too)
  4. Open textbooks have their own pedagogy
  5. The technology is still crude
There is a clear need for open textbooks.
1. Open textbooks are gaining momentum.
1. Open textbooks are gaining momentum.
1. Open textbooks are gaining momentum.
1. Open textbooks are gaining momentum.

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Encouraging faculty to take responsibility for copyright

An idea was recently sent to me by a colleague:

How about adding a widget to the learning management system that would prompt an entering faculty member to take responsibility for copyright clearance for all materials they have posted for students?

This sounds like a really good idea!!!


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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